Tegucigalpa, 29 January 2022 (TDI): Xiomara Castro starts her duty as the First Female President of Honduras. Along these lines, Argentinian Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero congratulates and wishes success to the new President of Honduras.

Cafiero stressed that with Counterpart Eduardo Enrique Reina of Honduras, they will continue to strengthen their countries’ ties. For instance, Latin America and the Caribbean are areas that deserve peace and social justice.

Xiomara Castro, First Female President of Honduras

Xiomara Castro is the first female President of Honduras, elected on November 28, 2021. On the 27 of January, she assumed her duties as President of Honduras.

Castro won with 51% of the vote share and 1.7 million votes. In Honduras History, this is the largest number of votes a candidate has had, and this event showed the appetite for change in the Honduran population.

Indeed, Castro is a democratic socialist and ran the elections to counter corruption and Scandals. Moreover, Xiomara promised to alleviate the consequences of poverty and liberalize abortion laws.

Xiomara Castro has a degree in Business Administration, and Castro’s involvement in politics, Castro managed the family companies in the timber, agricultural, and livestock sectors.

Xiomara Castro claims victory in Honduras, while votes are counted
Xiomara Castro claimed victory in Honduras, while votes are counted in the 2006 Campaign.

Castro started working in politics working on the Campaign of Zelaya in 2006. During that time, Zelaya won the elections. Xiomara Castro also worked on the women’s movement of the Liberal Party.

The triumph of President Xiomara Castro was celebrated in Honduras and other countries in Latin America, which is the result of many years of combat for equality.

Honduras Political history

Honduras, an independent country since 1821, has been politically unstable and ruled by the military.

However, Honduras’s first constitution dated since 1980, and the country transitioned to democracy. For instance, the president, legislators, and municipal government elections started from 1981 to 2021.

The government in Honduras is divided into three branches according to its constitution. Firstly, the presidency with a four-year term and no reelection; secondly, it has a unicameral congress elected for a four-year mandate; and finally, it has an independent judiciary for a seven-year.