Beijing, 20 May 2022 (TDI): China’s President Xi Jinping delivers a video speech at the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting’s Opening Session.

President Xi Jinping stated that the effects of massive changes and a pandemic unprecedented in a century are currently being compounded, and the international situation is becoming more unstable, unclear, and insecure.

He added that peace and development, people’s aspirations for better living across countries, and the international community’s historical purpose of pursuing solidarity and win-win collaboration stay intact.

The BRICS countries must strengthen their belief, face the storms and waves, and take actual action to promote peace and development. They must maintain fairness and justice, and champion democracy and freedom as a positive, inspiring, and constructive force in the world community. This would bring solidity and positive energy to international relations during a time of turbulence and change, Xi said.

President Xi emphasized that history and experience show that pursuing one’s own security at the expense of others only leads to new conflicts and risks.

Recommendation for BRICS countries

The President recommended that the BRICS countries must

  • strengthen their political mutual understanding and intelligence sharing
  • keep close cooperation and interaction on significant global and domestic issues
  • accommodate each other’s core interests and major concerns
  • respect each other’s sovereignty, security, and development interests
  • oppose hegemony and power politics
  • reject Cold War mentality and bloc confrontation
  • and work together to make an international society of security for all.
Today’s Threats and challenges

President Xi emphasized that growing markets and developing countries face similar challenges. Faced with today’s threats and challenges, rising markets, and developing countries need to enhance their solidarity and collaboration now more than ever. To enhance trust and cooperation, tighten the bond of collaboration, and deepen the integration of interests, the five BRICS countries must engage in dialogue and exchanges with more emerging markets and developing countries, in order to expand the pie of cooperation and strengthen the force for progress, and contribute even more to the lofty vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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