World Teachers’ Day, celebrated every October 5th, serves as a global tribute to educators and underscores their essential role in reshaping the educational landscape and shaping the future of students.

It emphasizes the core idea that education is the bedrock of societal development, highlighting its critical role in fostering a literate and prosperous society.

In light of the adoption of Sustainable Development Goal 4, which focuses on education, and its dedicated target (SDG 4) recognizing teachers as central to the Education 2030 agenda.

World Teachers Day is an occasion to honor the importance of teaching and pledge to address the ongoing shortage of teachers, Tweeted by António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN. 

World Teachers’ Day has evolved into an occasion to assess progress and address remaining challenges in advancing the teaching profession.

World Teachers’ Day is co-convened in collaboration with key organizations such as the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the International Labour Organization, and Education International.

This year’s World Teachers’ Day theme is ‘The Teachers We Need for the Education We Want, The Global Imperative to Reverse the Teacher Shortage.

This theme draws attention to the pressing issue of a declining number of educators and aims to tackle this concern on a global scale.

Its primary goal is to halt the decrease in the number of teachers and implement measures to strengthen their presence worldwide.

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Furthermore, the theme seeks to explore how education systems, communities, societies, and families can collectively acknowledge, value, and actively support teachers.

And fostering an environment where educators are not only respected but also equipped with the essential resources and backing needed to excel in their crucial role of shaping future generations.

Teachers are known by various titles, including educators, mentors, instructors, and sometimes, inadvertently, as mom or dad.

Regardless of the labels, it’s universally recognized that they possess a special talent for making a lasting impact on individuals both inside and outside the classroom.


In Islam, teachers hold a significant position, with quotes emphasizing their role in shaping personalities and character.

A quote attributed to Ali (RA) underscores this, “If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime.”

In Islam, teachers are accorded the highest status, with the Qur’an stating, “Allah elevates to high positions those from amongst you who are faithful and those who have acquired knowledge” (Qur’an, 58:11).

Throughout the years, numerous words have been spoken and written about educators, and here we’ve gathered some of our favorite quotes about teachers.

Nearly everyone can recall at least one exceptional teacher, if not more, who has left a profound impact on their life.

Teachers are the remarkable heroes of education, tirelessly working to enrich the lives of the next generation. Their commitment, hard work, and unyielding optimism never go unnoticed.

These quotes encompass a wide range of sentiments, from humorous to inspirational to appreciative. For teachers, we hope these words bring an immediate smile to your face.

And for those aiming to inspire, we trust that these quotes will spread gratitude and perhaps even evoke a chuckle or two when shared with the educators in your life.

“A teacher’s responsibility is to guide a group of eager minds and ensure they are firmly grounded.” – Darwin D. Martin

“I appreciate a teacher who provides something for contemplation beyond mere homework.” – Lily Tomlin

“Educators are the only individuals who lose sleep worrying about the well-being of other people’s children.” – Nicholas A. Ferroni

“Can hardly believe I just spotted my teacher at the grocery store! I thought she resided in her classroom!” – Heidi McDonald

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated worldwide, including in Pakistan. On this day, we are reminded that without teachers, there is no future.

Let’s join hands to celebrate the importance of teaching and work together to address the ongoing teacher shortage.

A sincere thank you to all the devoted educators who have steadfastly upheld the teaching profession. Tweeted by United Nations Pakistan.

On World Teachers’ Day, UNDP Pakistan, in collaboration with UNICEF Pakistan, the Elementary and Secondary Education (KPESED) & with support from the High Commission of Canada to Pakistan, conducted training for 310 teachers across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

This training was designed to empower teachers with Gender-Responsive and Child-Centered teaching practices, ultimately aiming to enhance the quality of education.

Earlier today, UNESCO Pakistan, Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) and Allama Iqbal Open University came together to co-host the national celebrations of World Teachers Day in Pakistan.

This event provided a platform for the gathering of teachers, education administrators, federal and provincial authorities, members of civil society, and development partners.

During the event, UNESCO’s Director and Representative, Dr. Youssef Filali-Meknassi, underscored the importance of collaborative efforts to address challenges related to teachers and to enhance the appeal of the teaching profession.

He stated, “Let us remember that the challenges faced by teachers are not insurmountable.

Together, as a community, we can work towards creating an educational environment where teachers are valued, supported, and empowered to provide the best possible education for our children.”

This celebration holds immense significance as it acknowledges the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of educators. Teachers serve as the foundation of the educational system, molding the intellect of the next generation.

They not only convey knowledge but also serve as a source of inspiration for students, instilling in them values that serve as guiding principles throughout their lives.