Arish, 19 October 2023 (TDI): The World Food Program (WFP) stands ready with 951 metric tons of emergency food supplies at Al Arish, near the Egypt-Gaza border, poised for immediate dispatch to the people of Gaza in desperate need.

UN humanitarian agencies issued a dire warning, stating that without urgent relief supplies, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza face imminent death amid a health crisis and severe loss of life. Denied access to essential aid, their situation is critical.

Amidst mounting humanitarian supplies at Egypt’s Gaza border, the UN World Food Program reiterated the urgent need for continuous access to Gaza, where a large displaced population requires essential provisions.

WFP currently possesses food for 244,000 individuals near the Gaza border, with additional supplies en-route to northeastern Egypt, where a relief hub is being established.

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Samer Abdeljaber, WFP Palestine Country Director, emphasized the urgency of gaining access to Gaza for delivering tons of stored food via planes and trucks. The supplies are prepared and waiting for approval to enter Gaza from various entry points, underscoring the critical need to reach people in all areas within the region.

Amidst significant obstacles, WFP has supported over 522,000 Palestinians with food and cash aid throughout the ongoing crisis, ensuring daily assistance to those in need.

 WFP’s operations in the State of Palestine since the start of the crisis:

On Monday (16 October), 170,000 individuals received fresh bread, and 15,000 redeemed cash vouchers. WFP has 310 metric tons of ready-to-eat food, including biscuits, canned fish, and date bars, sufficient to feed 244,000 people, either stored at the Egyptian border or en route, requiring no cooking facilities.

Amidst challenges, the WFP delivered 20 tons of fortified biscuits to Al Arish, Egypt. Despite hurdles, they’ve assisted 522,000 Palestinians and aim to extend aid to 800,000 people in Gaza and the West Bank through a crucial food lifeline

The World Food Program urgently needs $74 million to sustain emergency aid for the next three months. Food stocks in Gaza shops are rapidly depleting due to damaged infrastructure, leaving many unable to restock.

With only one operational flour mill and limited bakeries, the bread supply is critically low, leading to long queues as people wait for hours to obtain essential supplies.