Kyiv, 13 January 2023 (TDI): The war in Ukraine has caused the displacement of 14 million people. More than 18 million people need humanitarian assistance. World Food Programme (WFP) and local agencies have come forward to provide relief.

The war has not only affected the people within the country but also states that are dependent on grain supplies around the world. More than 8 million people get displaced externally, living across Europe. About 6.5 million are internally displaced.

This is one of the fastest forced displacements since the Second World War. Many people are facing destitution. The agricultural sector which is the main source of food production is destroyed. The supply chain has been disrupted.

Many people in the Eastern and Southern regions have no access to proper nutritious food. WFP has used assistance in the form of cash and food to support affected people. This also includes the distribution of food rations.

Cash is transferred to people who can purchase commodities from markets and have access to banks. Cash has given the freedom to people to meet their needs. This is a significant step towards stimulating the local markets.

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WFP has distributed more than US$400 million in cash to 2.2 million people since March 2022. For food distribution, WFP has delivered food kits and ready-to-eat food rations.

The food kit is composed of wheat flour, rice, pasta, sunflower oil, sugar, canned beans, and canned meat. This is distributed in areas that are heavily impacted due to war. WFP used local resources such as bakeries to deliver food.

Similarly, WFP has taken a step toward buying local food to boost the local economy. WFP has also provided food commodities to hospitals, care centers, displacement centers, and orphanages.

WFP is working with the Ministry of Social Policy to improve the Unified Social Registry. So that people can access it or any assistance and complaints.

WFP would also support the daily hot meals program in schools. WFP has also provided logistical support and emergency telecommunication on the behalf of United Nations (UN).

WFP has supported local agencies and people in the rehabilitation process. Moreover, WFP has supported the reopening of Black Sea ports.

These ports are vital to boost the Ukrainian economy. WFP has emphasized a localized approach by working with local partners, business and trade communities, and agencies to support the government and people of Ukraine.

Ukraine annually produces one of the world’s major grains. It earns GDP mainly through exports of grains. The cut down in supplies caused price hikes all around the world. The war has deprived millions of people of resources.