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Wang Yi met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad


Damascus: 19 July 2021 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has met Syrian President Bashar Al Assad during his tour to the Middle East.  After his successful visit to the Central Asian states, FM Wang Yi is on a visit to Syria, Algeria, and Egypt from July 17th to 20th.

On his visit to Syria, Chinese Foreign minister Wang Yi met with the Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad. FM Wang also visited the Staff Members of the Chinese Embassy in Syria.

While meeting the Syrian President, FM Wang Yi presented the greetings of President Xi to Assad. Wang Yi also commended the leadership of Asad and praised the achievements of combatting terrorism and fighting external forces by Syria under his leadership. He also applauded the people of Syria for stopping the foreign forces from intervening in Syria

Remembering the history of 65 years of diplomatic ties between the two states, Wang Yi mentioned that China and Syria have always been supportive of each other. China is willing to collaborate with Syria to promote traditional friendships, and foster cooperation that benefits the two nations said, Wang.

Wang also clarified that China fully supports the resolution of the Syrian issue under the Syrian-led and Syrian-owned principle and also mentioned that China will oppose the forced regime change in Syria and will fully support the Syrian government for protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

FM also reaffirmed that China by supplying vaccines and medical supplies will fully support Syria in its fight against the pandemic. He also welcomed Syria to become a part of BRI and stated that China will help Syria in the reconstruction process and that it firmly supports Syria to play a part in regional and international affairs.

On his part, Syrian President Bashar al-Asad via Wang conveyed his greetings to Xi and also congratulated him on the 100 years of CPC. Bashar mentioned that Wang is the first foreign guest to whom he is meeting after his re-election as the president.
‘China is a sincere friend to Syria and Syria supports China on the issues in relevance to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang’, said Asad while conversing with Wang. He also appreciated China for always supporting Syria and mentioned that with such support Syria has been able to stand against the foreign intervening forces.

He further mentioned that Syria aims at taking part in the BRI project to strengthen the cooperation between the two nations. Bashar in the end thanked China for providing humanitarian aid to Syria in the time of crisis and mentioned that he seeks to learn a lot from CPC and China.


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