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Vieux Touré and UNOCHA musical collaboration


Geneva, 20 October 2021 (TDI): Vieux Farka Touré partnered up with the UN Office Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, for a musical collaboration, on 14 October. Toure wrote a song named, A Song For the Sahel. The Song is the message of the musician of Mali, to the young population.

The song highlights the crisis in many countries of the region, and also spotlighted its rich musical heritage. Touré gave an interview to UN News, he described that he did not feel comfortable driving across the country to perform.

He stated that Malian sleep with one eye open. Touré referred to the insurgency, that they have taken advantage of the lack of opportunities. The musician urged the young generations to show courage, and also strength, to fight the crisis.

Touré also mentioned that peace and solidarity are tools. He stated that if peace is built today, the children can thrive. Touré expressed that music is a tool to share messages. According to the note, the Sahel crisis is then one of the world’s fastest-growing emergencies.

OCHA’s statistics

This year, 29 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance, and protection. According to OCHA, this means that the number increased by 5 million people. OCHA also warned that people’s vulnerability has increased. It has done so due to the conflict, rising food insecurity, and the pandemic.

Statement of Deputy Head

The Song of the Sahel is UN OCHA’s hope to provide people that need assistance hope. The Deputy Head of UN OCHA’s Regional Office for West and Central Africa; made a statement.

Bounena Sidi Mouhamed; stated that the Song for the Sahel celebrates resilience, generosity, solidarity, and also the strength of the Sahelians. Besides their strength, and resilience, the Sahelians, display vibrant music, and also their heritage, Bouena added.

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