Beijing, 14 September 2023 (TDI): On 13 September 2023, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Marcos, during his visit to China, engaged in a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping to elevate the bilateral ties between the two states.

The Venezuelan President Maduro expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome by the Chinese President Xi at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

During the meeting, both leaders engaged in a friendly discussion and shared their perspectives on various subjects, including bilateral relations, cooperation, and mutual international and regional concerns.

A joint statement was released by both governments highlighting the main points of the meeting.

Both leaders agreed that despite the changing international circumstances, the diplomatic relations and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between both states have remained intact over the years.

Also, they reached an agreement to elevate their relations to a level of Comprehensive and Time-Tested Strategic Partnership.

President Maduro expressed his support for China’s One China policy and its reunification efforts. Both leaders rejected foreign intervention in internal state affairs while mentioning issues like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, and the South China Sea.

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Venezuelan President expressed his strong support for China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Both parties agreed to accelerate the signing of the Cooperation Plan on building the Belt and Road between China and Venezuela.

Additionally, both leaders agreed to enhance cooperation under the framework of China’s Global Development Initiative (GDI), Global Security Initiative (GSI), and Global Civilization Initiative (GCI).

During the meeting, President Maduro reiterated Venezuela’s interest in joining BRICS with China’s support.

President Maduro also reclaimed his support for the internationalization of the RMB yuan and China’s support of the development of countries in the Global South.

Chinese President Xi rejected any kind of intervention including military or use of force against Venezuela’s sovereignty while extending his support for the latter.

In addition, both leaders reiterated their support for dialogues as the only solution to the Ukraine crisis.

President Maduro welcomed China’s investment in Venezuela and expressed his support for promoting cooperation in legislation, education exchange, and tourism between the two states.

Furthermore, both state leaders signed a comprehensive agreement on aerospace cooperation to enhance their aerospace capabilities. They also signed an Air Service Agreement to initiate commercial flights in both countries based on market principles.

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Additionally, both leaders agreed to cooperate in combating climate change and China will support Venezuela in its water resource conservation.

Both leaders expressed their support of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) as a nuclear-free zone and opposed the Japanese discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean.

Lastly, President Maduro extended an invitation to President Xi Jinping for a state visit to Venezuela soon.