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US welcomes Tallinn Mechanism for Ukraine’s cyber security


Washington, 22 December 2023 (TDI): United States Secretary Antony Blinken has welcomed the development of the Tallinn Mechanism, to bolster Ukraine’s assets to the maximum extent. This development provides cyber security to Ukraine’s infrastructure to prevent the growing aggression of Moscow.

Making a Tallinn Mechanism was formulated in May, and named after the Estonian Capital. It was initiated only a few days following the characterization by British military intelligence of the cyberattack on Ukraine’s Kyivstar as one of the most impactful disruptive cyberattacks since the invasion commenced.

Furthermore, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Great Britain, and the United States, launched a new instrument to enhance cooperation in the field of cyber security against Russia.

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This step will strengthen the cooperation of facilitated countries in the cyber field against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In such a scenario, these NATO-led members have always wanted to assist Kyiv in multiple domains namely, arms support, financial aid, and humanitarian assistance.

The Tallinn Mechanism will coordinate assistance to Ukraine actively, focusing on supporting and enhancing its cybersecurity and cyber resilience, safeguarding Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, and preventing Russian cyber operations.

Kvivstar, the largest telecommunications provider, was attacked by Russia’s unprovoked cyber attacks diminished the permanent peace in the political fabric of Ukraine. In this sense, Oleksandr Komarov, the CEO of Kyivstar, emphasized the magnitude of the December 12 cyber attack by labeling it as the largest assault on telecommunication infrastructure globally.

Such types of intense activities are not new in Ukraine. The telecommunication company has continuously claimed that the Russian cyber attacks are very lethal. As per the official figure, around 500 attacks over the past 20 months.

The members of the Mechanism have the intention to enhance the coordination and delivery of civilian cyber capacity building. They plan to engage with the EU and NATO in this regard, and the Mechanism encourages contributions from private sector and non-governmental actors.

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