Washington DC, 2 May 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) has issued a call to the political leadership of Lebanon to take immediate action and elect a new president to unite the country and implement the reforms necessary to rescue the economy from crisis.

The country has been without a president for six months since the departure of Michel Aoun, and this has resulted in a failure to select a new leader.

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Matthew Millar, the spokesperson for the State Department, emphasized that it is crucial for Lebanon’s leaders to prioritize the interests of their country and people over their personal ambitions.

“The US strongly believes that Lebanon needs a president who is free of corruption, advocates for transparency and accountability, and puts the interests of the people first,” he added.

Such a president would be able to unite the country, move towards national unity, and implement critical economic reforms, particularly those required to secure an IMF program.

While it is the responsibility of Lebanon’s elected leaders to form their own government, the US has urged them to act quickly and elect a president who can lead the country out of its current crises.

The answers to Lebanon’s political and economic challenges must come from within the country, and the international community can only provide support and assistance.

Therefore, it is critical for Lebanon’s leaders to prioritize the interests of their country and people by taking the necessary actions.

The US stands with the people of Lebanon during this difficult time and is committed to supporting efforts to stabilize the country.

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For the record, the US Government has provided significant humanitarian and economic assistance to Lebanon, including emergency aid in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion in August 2020. The US has also worked with international partners to provide support to Lebanon.

In a nutshell, the US Government believes that Lebanon has the potential to become a prosperous and stable country, but this can only be achieved through the election of appropriate leadership and the implementation of necessary reforms.