Ramla, 2 May 2023 (TDI): This morning, Palestinian people received the news of the passing of Khader Adnan after eighty-six days of a hunger strike to protest his unlawful detention by the Israeli occupation regime.

Khader Adnan, a hero, and symbol of steadfast opposition to Israel’s occupation, was found unresponsive in his cell in Israel’s jail in the central city of Ramle during the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday morning.

He was brought to the Shamir Medical Center outside Tel Aviv but was declared dead at the hospital.

Earlier this week, an Israeli court refused to release the Palestinian hunger striker, Khader Adnan, despite his deteriorating health condition.

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He was a baker by trade and graduated from Birzeit University with an undergraduate degree in mathematics. He owned a bakery in the city of Qabatya, to the south of Jenin.
Adnan became a political advocate for the PIJ during his student days and was first arrested by Israel and held for four months in 1999.

Since his current detention, Adnan has been brought before Israeli courts several times with no indictment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Palestine, in a statement, condemns, in the strongest terms, the heinous crime committed by the occupation authorities, which led to the martyrdom of Sheikh Khader Adnan.

The Ministry holds the Israeli government and its relevant arms fully and directly responsible for this crime.

Commenting on the martyrdom of Palestinian fighter Nasir Kanani, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said: “The Zionist regime’s arrest and inhumane behavior against this Palestinian citizen is a clear example of the inhumane and violent behavior that the Zionist regime has orchestrated.”

He also stated that the silence of the international community and human rights organizations will make the apartheid Zionist regime even more arrogant.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine is calling on the ongoing international investigation committee to investigate the circumstances and details of this crime.