Washington, 8 November 2023 (TDI): The United States Secretary of State announced an upcoming official visit to Tokyo to engage in discussions with the Group of 7 leaders.

The meeting, hosted by Tokyo, aims to foster a unified position regarding the resolution of humanitarian crises in Gaza.

Blinken, who reached Tokyo after a whirlwind tour of the Middle East, said it is a significant moment to stand united on the war between Israel and Hamas, similar to what diplomats have done over Ukraine and other prominent issues.

The ministers are also making efforts to prevent the existing disparities regarding Gaza from becoming more pronounced.

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“This is a very pivotal moment for the G7 leaders to come forward in the face of this crises, as we do with one clear voice,” Blinken told Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikava right after talks on Tuesday with Prime Minister Fumio Kashida.

In Tokyo, Secretary Blinken and foreign ministers from Canada, Britain, Japan, France, Italy, and Germany have shared their common stance on the shaky security in a broader Middle East perspective and seeking to maintain their existing position on other matters.

Additionally, the Japanese Prime Minister said, that the unity of G7 is very important in the context of many issues around the world, namely, the Palestine-Israel conflict, the Russia-Ukraine war, and challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.” He also expressed his gratitude to the Biden administration for their diplomatic efforts concerning this issue.

Furthermore, G7, the leading industrial democracies in the world held together in defense of the international order that emerged from the massive destruction of World War II. This G7 has always raised a voice in opposing Russia’s war.

Blinken came all the way to Tokyo from Turkey. Before that, his last stop on a four-day tour through the Middle East that started with Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, and Iraq. However, from Japan, he will visit South Korea and then on to India.