Islamabad, 2 July 2022 (TDI): Dilawar Syed, Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs of the United States of America (USA), arrived in Pakistan. Representative Syed was born in Pakistan and emigrated to the USA as a college student.

The visit will reinforce commercial and economic relations between both countries. He will also visit Bangladesh, and India, with the same goal of boosting economic alliances.

On his official Twitter account, Representative Syed expressed the US’s interest in South Asia. He qualified the region as talented, dynamic, and a good place for opportunities.

Main activities during the visit

Most importantly, Representative Syed met with Bhutto Zardari, Foreign Minister of Pakistan. They shared a robust dialogue on US-Pakistan commercial ties.

Above all, Syed expressed the United State’s motivation to further develop economic partnerships with Pakistan. He believes that innovation and digital technology projects can lift the lives of many in Asian countries.

Further, his visit also included meetings with Pakistan’s top leaders and a group of entrepreneurs. They discussed ways to strengthen the US-Pakistan commercial economic relationship.

In that sense, the Representative’s visit comes amid an unprecedented economic and financial crisis in Pakistan. These events have a deep impact on Pakistani businesses.

USA & Pakistan Commercial Relations: An overview

According to the department of commerce of the USA, exports of goods to Pakistan supported approximately more than 10 000 jobs, as for the latest data available.

Furthermore, foreign direct investment (FDI) from the USA in Pakistan is estimated to be more than US200 million dollars. On the other hand, Pakistan’s FDI in the USA is estimated to be US154 million dollars.

Moreover, Pakistan is one of the world’s most populated countries. Hence, it is important for the USA to maintain strong economic ties. Secondly, the USA is Pakistan’s largest export market.

To sum up, the visit was successful. Both countries agreed on developing new economic partnerships.