Rome, 30 October 2021 (TDI): The President of the United States of America is on a state visit to Italy to attend the G-20 Summit. He met the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, who is also currently the chairman of the G-20 forum.

President Biden and Prime Minister Mario discussed the post-pandemic situation in Europe. Italy was one of the worst affected countries during the pandemic. Both leaders agreed to continue cooperation on matters of mutual and global concern. They also discussed matters of climate change. The American President emphasized the need to de-carbonize the production of electricity.

The G-20 Summit is set to take place on 30-31 October 2021. The G-20 is a forum of 19 countries which are regarded as the world’s largest economies. This includes both developed and developing countries. India, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Turkey are some of the members.

The group accounts for almost 90 percent of Gross World Product (GWP). It is regarded as the platform which represents two-third of the global population. The aim of the platform is to bring together the leadership of developing and industrialized countries to deliberate upon key issues in world economy.

This year, the G-20 Summit is taking place in Rome, Italy. Italy is also currently the chair of the forum. The forum has so far established a joint Finance-Health Task Force that is tasked with recommendations for strengthening policy for pandemic prevention. It is also tasked with developing a framework for preparedness and response to such outbreaks.

The Foreign Minister of Italy, Luigi Di Maio, also met the American President and remarked that Italy is at the center of important international events.