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US opposes Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project advancement


Washington, 27 March 2024 (TDI): The US assistant secretary of State for South and Central Asia said the United States disagreed to support the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project advancement on Tuesday.

According to sources, Pakistan’s temporary government officially starts the work in the coming weeks. And start building the first 80-kilometer project of gas line between Pakistan-Iran, within the Pakistan border.

Pakistan is pressured by Iran, as it has completed the construction of their side and Pakistan’s side is under construction. This project started in 2009 and Iran completed building 900 km of pipeline in 2011 and Pakistan has not completed it.

The US imposed sanctions on Iran numerous times such as Sanctions on nuclear missiles. Pakistan and Iran were also involved in the conflict on 16 January 2024 by exchanging drones and missiles by attacking each other.

US Remarks on the Pakistan-Iran Pipeline Project

According to reports, the US Department of State stated, “We always advise everyone that doing business with Iran runs the risk of touching upon and coming in contact with our sanctions and would advise everyone to consider that very carefully”.

Moreover, he said, “We do not support this pipeline going forward”.

In addition, “We are tracking this planned pipeline between Iran and Pakistan. Honestly, I don’t know where the financing for such projects would come from. I don’t think many international donors would be interested in finding such an endeavor,” US officials added.

Furthermore, he said, “Will uphold both in letter and spirit all sanctions law related to Iran”.

Lastly, he said, “Pakistan had not sought any waiver related to US sanctions that would certainly result from such projects”.

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Pakistan’s Remarks

Pakistan Spokesperson Zehra Baloch said, “We hope to engage in meaningful discussion with the United States to address these misunderstandings”. 

Furthermore, she said, “We believe that the deliberations of legislative bodies should contribute to promoting positive dynamics in bilateral ties and should be based on mutual respect and understanding”.

Moreover, she added, “We also hope that the US Congress will play a positive role in strengthening Pakistan-US ties and developing venues of mutually beneficial cooperation”.

At last, she commented on the statement of US officials about Pakistan’s waiver. She said, “We do not believe that at this point there is room for any discussion or waiver from a third party”. But we remained in contact with the US and expressed the significance of energy Security in Pakistan.

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