Washington DC, 30 March 2023 (TDI): Deputy Secretary of the United States (US), Wendy Sherman met with the Foreign Minister of Latvia, Edgars Rinkevics today to discuss various issues concerning bilateral relations between the two countries.

In addition, they also focused on preparing for the upcoming NATO Summit in Vilnius. The conversation of both leaders revolved around NATO’s ongoing efforts to strengthen defense capabilities along the Eastern Flank & counter Russian disinformation.

US Deputy Secretary and Minister of Latvia highlighted the importance of NATO’s continued commitment to collective defense and emphasized the need for increased coordination among NATO allies in countering Russian aggression.

Furthermore, the two leaders also discussed ways to deepen US-Latvia coordination in the Indo-Pacific region, where China’s economic and military expansion has raised concerns globally.

The Deputy Secretary and Minister of Latvia underscored the importance of maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific. They concentrated on opportunities for cooperation in areas such as maritime security and counterterrorism.

In addition, the exchanges honed in on the growing concern over China’s economic coercion and the need for a united response.

Deputy Secretary Sherman and the Foreign Minister of Latvia emphasized the importance of working together to counter such tactics and discussed ways to promote trade & investment that are consistent with international norms and standards.

Likewise, Sherman commended Latvia for its contributions to NATO missions and thanked the Latvian government for its commitment to transatlantic security.

Also, she praised Latvia’s efforts to diversify its energy supply and reduce its dependence on Russian sources.

Afterward, Foreign Minister Rinkevics expressed Latvia’s gratitude for the US continued support for its security and noted the importance of US leadership in promoting democratic values and human rights globally.

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Notably, the upcoming NATO Summit in Vilnius will provide an opportunity for NATO leaders to discuss a range of security issues facing the alliance and reaffirm their commitment to collective defense.

Deputy Secretary Sherman and Latvian Minister agreed on the importance of this summit and expressed their commitment to upholding peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond.