Tunis, 29 January 2022 (TDI): The United States delivered extra 300,000 Pfizer vaccine doses to Tunisia. Additionally, the US gave $46 million to Tunisia to fight against COVID-19.

US Ambassador Donald Blome, with Foreign Minister Othman Jerandi and Senior National Security Advisor, Vice Admiral Abdelraouf Attallah, received the shipment in Tunis. The Director-General of Military Health, Mustapha Ferjani, and Diplomatic Directorate Attaché, Souad Trabelsi were present.

With this shipment, more Tunisians will be protected against COVID-19. In July, the US donated over 2.8 million vaccines to Tunisian people. The vaccine delivery was possible thanks to the COVAX in partnership with UNICEF.

The US has commited itself to working with the Ministry of Health of Tunisia. Both will ensure the availability of critical health equipment and supplies in Tunisia. For instance, vaccines, cold storage containers, and more.

The US is one of the biggest donors of vaccines worldwide. For instance, it donates to 30 countries in Africa, 25 in the western hemisphere, and 20 in Southern and Eastern Asia.

What is the COVAX Initiative?

COVAX is a coalition between countries and organizations to provide Covid-19 vaccines globally. It focuses, particularly on the middle and lower-income nations. The platform’s mission is to assist states that cannot produce the Covid-19 vaccines.

The World Health Organization and the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) are the coordinators of the donations. GAVI cooperates with other partners that help them in their initiative, Covax included.

It works with cooperators of the public and private sectors, for instance, Unicef, the World Bank, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

What is UNICEF?

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) works for Children’s Rights and Protection. It provides education, health care, immunization, nutrition, water & sanitation, child protection, and humanitarian aid.

Over 75 years, UNICEF worked to help children, also delivered vaccines. During the pandemic, new challenges arose, and GAVI called UNICEF to help them donate vaccines globally. A solution for countries at risk of lacking the COVID-19 vaccines.