US Denounces Houthi Attack on Saudi Arabia


Washington, 6 September 2021 (TDI): The United States Spokesperson stated that the United States strongly condemns the latest Houthi missile assault on Saudi Arabia, which injured two children and damaged numerous residences in the Eastern Province on Saturday. He noted that this is absolutely unacceptable and that these acts pose a serious threat to the lives of the Kingdom’s population, including over 70,000 people.

The US urges the Houthis to urgently commit to a complete ceasefire and stop their cross-border and internal Yemeni attacks, particularly their offensive on Marib, as it is leading to worsening of the humanitarian situation and extension of the conflict. To end the crisis, the Houthis must begin working toward a peaceful, diplomatic settlement under UN auspices.

Yemen’s civil war erupted when an insurgency led by Houthi insurgents, Shiite rebel groups with ties to Iran, overthrew the Sunni administration in Yemen’s capital and largest city in 2014 and demanded reduced gasoline prices and a new government.

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