UNICEF is conducting screening of children aged between 6 to 59 months


Madagascar, 14 September 2021 (TDI): UNICEF Madagascar has launched a campaign to screen 460,000 children of Madagascar aged from 0 to 59 months suffering from malnutrition.

In their efforts to curb malnourished and malnutrition children from the country, the organization and plead to treat quarterly 460,000 children of Madagascar aged between 6 to 59 months. Along with it,  the  UNICEF Madagascar has issued a plan to treat 120,000 children suffering from acute malnutrition.

As per the reports, the campaign to treat malnourished and the victims of acute malnutrition will be launched in 10 different drought-affected districts around Madagascar. These efforts of UNICEF Madagascar will last throughout the year. The campaign will take place across Madagascar in general and particularly in Southern Madagascar.

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