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UNICEF campaign to reopen schools


New York, 25 September 2021 (TDI): UNICEF has started a campaign to reopen schools as soon as possible. According to UNICEF millions of children are still out of the classroom and they are falling behind on their education because of school closure. All the Governments have to reopen their schools as soon as possible to avoid the global learning crisis.

According to UNICEF, there is no time to lose. All the Governments have to take immediate action to avoid a learning crisis that is increasing with time because of lockdown and school closures. Around 77 million children are out of the classrooms due to the COVID-19 crisis for the past 18 months. All of them have lost 1.8 trillion hours and counting in-person learning due to the pandemic lockdown situation.

Every child has a right to go to school, to learn, and have a healthy well-being. But, the problem is, there are thousands of children in too many countries who are out of the classrooms because schools remain whilst social gatherings, celebrations, and occasions continue to take place everywhere globally.

The problem is that the generation who are out of school for long and they cannot afford any more distractions to their education. This is the reason why UNICEF urged all the governments or states to reopen schools in their country immediately. Immediate action is needed to get education back on track. There is no time to lose further.

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