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UNHCR Representative asks for international assistance


Kabul, 28 August 2021 (TDI): Caroline Van Buren, UNHCR Representative in Afghanistan discussed the unfolding situation in Kabul. The representative discussed the convenient ways that the governments of the neighboring countries should adopt to help the people displaced in this moment of chaos.
Caroline Van Buren urged the states to adopt 3 simple ways that will help nearly 3.5 million internally displaced people of Afghanistan. She addressed the international community to help the people of Afghanistan by keeping their borders open and to provide the internally displaced people much needed life-saving aid. Furthermore, the UNHCR representative for Afghanistan advised the world powers to join hands to facilitate Afghanistan to reconstruct its damaged infrastructure.
Additionally, the official talked about her team’s efforts which are working hard to provide the general public with basic utilities like food, water, shelter, and items of sanitation.
Caroline Van Buren, while talking to the UN Refugee Agency, hoped that the world and the International community continue to help Afghanistan in times of Humanitarian Crisis as UNHCR is doing and will do in the longer run.

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