New York, 28 October 2023 (TDI): The members of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a major resolution, calling for an immediate, durable, and sustained humanitarian truce between Israeli forces and Hamas militants leading to a cessation of hostilities in Gaza, on October 27.

The 10th Emergency Special Session meeting on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory was resumed by the UNGA on October 27, to conduct voting for the resolution on Gaza, proposed by Jordan and backed by over 45 Member States of UNGA including Egypt, Oman, and UAE.

The Jordanian resolution has been adopted by the General Assembly, with 120 votes in favor, 14 against, and 45 abstentions.

Several countries including Austria, Croatia, Fiji, Czechia, Guatemala, Hungary, Israel, U.S. voted against the resolution, several countries including Canada, Japan, Italy, UK abstained from voting, while countries like France, Brazil, and Ireland voted in favor of the resolution.

Agenda of the Resolution

Firstly, the Resolution called for an immediate, durable, and sustained humanitarian truce between Israeli forces and Hamas forces in Gaza demanding all parties comply with international humanitarian law.

Secondly, the Resolution demanded continuous, sufficient, and unhindered provision of lifesaving supplies and services for civilians trapped inside the enclave in Gaza.

Thirdly, it called for the immediate and unconditional release of all civilians held captive as well as demanding their safety, well-being, and humane treatment in compliance with international law.

Besides that, it is to be noted that the Jordanian resolution does not make specific mention of Hamas that controls Gaza, and the Hamas attacks of 7 October in Israel.

Amendments by Canada

As a result of the non-mentioning of Hamas in the Jordanian Resolution, the Canadian side proposed an amendment backed by over 35 Member States, including the US, seeking an explicit condemnation of Hamas.

The amendment proposed by Canada called for an unequivocal rejection and condemnation of the Hamas attacks in Israel starting on October 7, and the taking of the hostages.

The Canadian amendment did not pass as it failed to get two-third majority support from UNGA member countries.

88 countries voted in favor of the Canadian amendment, 55 countries voted against it, and 23 countries abstained to vote.

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During the day of voting, several countries put forward arguments for and against the amendment and explained their positions on the adopted resolution as well at UNGA.

Several countries also took the floor, reiterated the impact of the crisis on civilians, and underscored to imperatively ensure aid flows into the enclave in Gaza as supplies of food, water, and fuel reach critically low levels in Gaza.

The Emergency Special Session on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory will reconvene on October 31, where countries will continue their debate.

The adoption of the Resolution on cessation of hostilities in Gaza by UNGA marks the first formal response of the United Nations to the hostilities since the Hamas attacks of 7 October, after the Security Council failed on four occasions to reach a consensus on any action.