New York, 19 September 2022 (TDI): United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for Youth and the Ministry of Ecological Transition of Italy (MET) is hosting an event titled “Powering Action” on September 20th.

This event aims to bring together young people from around the world. The agenda is to promote across the board effective youth-led climate action.

Powering Action Initiative

Powering Action is a global program that is jointly led by the Italian government and the UNDP in collaboration with youth as their key partners. This has a long-term strategic goal that mainly focuses on various significant outcomes.

The September 2022 Powering Action event in New York is expected to build upon the accomplishments, lessons learned, and suggestions from the 2021 Youth4Climate Manifesto. The event will foster a thriving ecosystem for youth at all levels.

Likewise, it will strengthen the identification and support of concrete, innovative, youth-led solutions to advance youth-inclusive climate action. In the same vein, the initiative is meant to enable the creation and exchange of knowledge, & opportunities.

Also, it will provide the youth with a chance to exchange experiences, & resources in a new global virtual arena to maintain meaningful & long-term involvement with as well as for the youth.

Youth Climate Summit 2022

This year’s Youth Climate Summit is scheduled to be held in Bermuda from 21 to 26 November 2022. Youth Climate Summit is a platform where young climate leaders gather to present their strategic plans at the United Nations.

Likewise, they undertake essential conversations with policymakers about the defining issue of the threat of climate change.

Along these lines, youth climate champions from more than 140 nations and territories have come together in the past for the Youth Climate Action Summit to exchange their actions on a global scale.

Also, they share a strong message for world leaders and urge them to immediately take action to combat climate change. The event also serves to be the voice of young people’s demands for far quicker action to cut greenhouse gas emissions saving the environment.