UNDP- $660m is needed to help Afghans through Economic Crisis

Conflict and insecurity in Afghanistan
Conflict and insecurity in Afghanistan have left children at greater risk than ever.

Afghanistan, 23 October 2021 (TDI): In order to help ordinary Afghan people, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has announced the launch of a human resource fund that will provide Afghanis with much-needed access to finance.

The fund will go into frozen donations since the Taliban took over in August. Germany has already pledged $58 million in excess of the $660 million needed over the next 12 months, UNDP chief executive Achim Steiner told reporters in Geneva.

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Cheif Achim Steiner mentioned that there are 38 million people who cannot be kept alive just from the outside. So, he stressed that the UN must intervene, to stabilize the economy and in addition to save lives. The international community must also save livelihoods. Otherwise, the world will face a devastating situation this winter and next year; where millions and millions of Afghans may simply not be able to live in their own countries, their homes, their villages, and survive.

Promoting Resources

UNDP is now in contact with other donors to raise resources for the Afghan people. Mr. Steiner’s talks over the past few weeks have focused on how we can find a way to mobilize these resources given the current economic downturn.

Last week, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the world to act during a make-or-break moment of the country. While reiterating that humanitarian assistance saves lives. A UN official has also warned that it will not solve the problem if the economy of Afghanistan collapses.

The fund is part of a new national initiative for Abadei, which reflects the resilience of the community. Abadei will see UNDP, UN agencies, and non-governmental organizations provide community-based solutions that address emergency humanitarian interventions.

Keeping the local economy afloat

The country needs help urgently, but the world also needs to keep the local economy afloat. This is important to ensure that people still have a livelihood. It is also significant to monitor that they have a future in their communities. In this regard, local funding will be provided directly to civil society groups and Afghan workers to government employees on public works programs such as drought and flood control.

Grant will also be given to small businesses and basic temporary allowances will be paid to the elderly and the disabled at risk, said Kanni Wignaraja, director of the UNDP Bureau of Asia Pacific. This aid will enable people to stay and live and work in their fields and their homes. Moreover, it will allow them to earn money and give them the respect and dignity they deserve. All assistance provided will be based on an impartial assessment conducted in collaboration with local and community authorities.

The United Nations has launched a COVID-19 vaccine campaign in Afghanistan. The Campaign began this week in Kandahar, targeting people in at-risk areas. According to a United Nations spokesperson, briefing journalists.

A polio vaccination campaign will also continue in the region. With the provision of Vitamin A, administered by the World Health Organization WHO, UNICEF, and other partners.

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