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UN Security Council holds emergency meeting on Ethiopia’s situation


New York, 7 October 2021 (TDI): UN Political and Peacebuilding Affairs shared the news in which they mention that the Security Council held an emergency meeting on 06 October 2021, to discuss the current situation of Ethiopia and also the recent expulsion of 7 senior UN aid officials.

The main agenda of this meeting was the Peace and Security situation in Africa. A number of Member States participated in the meeting. Many important points were discussed in this meeting. During the meeting, the UN Secretary-General said he warned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes in Ethiopia in August and now it has worsened. He shared that millions of people are in need of food assistance and other emergency support in Tigray, Amhara, and Afar.

Humanitarian aid is still unreachable in areas at anywhere close to the levels needed. However, the humanitarian staff is unable to reach there because of several restrictions by official and unofficial checkpoints, insecurity, and other challenges. Millions of people don’t have access to electricity and communication channels and basic facilities like health care. The senior UN disarmament official told the UNSC that the proliferation and stockpiling of illicit weapons continue to threaten international peace and security, exacerbating the plight of civilians in strife-torn countries worldwide.

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