Tashkent, 14 September 2022 (TDI): The Resident Coordinator of the United Nations (UN) in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Roli Asthana, delivered verbally at a press conference related to Swiss-Uzbek restitution.

The Press Conference also encompassed the formation of Vision2030 UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund in Tashkent on 13 September.

Statement by Roli Asthana

Roli Asthana began her statement by saying that “The signing that took place in Berne in Switzerland on 16 August marked a truly historic day for the people of Uzbekistan. Something that was taken away from them in the past is now being returned.” She added.

She appreciated the Uzbek President by saying that “This process is the result of close cooperation and leadership from President Mirziyoyev and his administration.”

According to her, the newly established UN Trust Fund is a crucial tool for assisting in the execution of development priority programs, bringing real and long-lasting benefits and improvements to the lives of the common masses of Uzbekistan.

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Moreover, she said, “the Fund comes at a critical time when there are increased vulnerabilities, with increased fuel and food prices, particularly with winter around the corner.”

She further clarified that the Fund will be utilized to enhance the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focal point on the social sectors, including good governance, and anticorruption, with a focus on sustainability.

The Coordinator also said that “this new Trust Fund will play a pivotal role in enlarging people’s choices and increasing their participation, delivering tangible, meaningful impacts for even more people.”

Moreover, she clarified that “The UN is committed to full transparency, accountability and inclusive dialogue with Uzbek civil society and the governments of Uzbekistan and Switzerland on the implementation and activities supported by the Trust Fund.”

She concluded her statement by saying “I am happy to see you all here today. Journalists have an important role to play as a watchdog and to ensure that the right questions are asked.”

“The same for civil society who are closely involved in the governance of the Fund as an advisor to the trilateral Management Committee as indicated in the Deputy Minister’s presentation.” She added.