New York, 2 March 2022 (TDI): The U.N. General Assembly voted to criticize Russia for the invasion of Ukraine in the 11th Emergency Special Session on Wednesday. It has demanded from Russia to stop the attacks and remove its forces from Ukraine.

Out of the 193 assembly members, 141 voted in favor of the resolution disapproving the Russian aggression against Ukraine and 5 opposed it. 35 nations refrained from supporting or opposing the resolution.

The American Ambassador to the U.N., Linda Thomas-Greenfield highlighted that Russia is responsible for the destruction of important infrastructure and commodities like water and gas. She warned that Russia appeared to be preparing to increase its hostilities against Ukraine.

Russia Ukraine UNGA
U.S. Amb. to U.N., Linda Thomas-Greenfield, speaking at the UNGA’s 11th ESS

Talking about the resolution, the Ambassador said, “This is an extraordinary moment. Now, at more than any other point in recent history, the United Nations is being challenged.”.  Encouraging the members to vote in support of the resolution, she added, “Vote yes if you believe you in member states, including your own, have a right to sovereignty and territorial integrity. Vote yes if you believe Russia should be held to account for his actions. Vote yes if you believe in upholding the U.N. Charter and everything this institution stands for.”

It has been a full week since Russia invaded Ukraine and is yet to fulfill its objective of bringing down the government of Ukraine. It has also been facing repercussions in the form of verbal criticism and sanctions from the international community. Different countries from around the world have imposed economic sanctions on Russia, which target different institutions and individuals. These sanctions have triggered an economic recession in Russia.

The Russian Ambassador to the U.N., Vassily Nebenzia denied that the country was targeting civilians in Ukraine and warned that the ratification of the resolution might intensify the situation.

Russia Ulraine UNGA
Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, in the UNGA’s 11th ESS

Previously Russia vetoed another similar draft resolution from the U.N. Security Council.