Geneva, 20 October 2023 (TDI): In the midst of the deteriorating Gaza humanitarian crisis, thousands have perished, and over a million are displaced, leaving extensive parts of Gaza shattered.

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Office expressed serious concern, foreseeing further civilian casualties in the upcoming day.

UN Human Rights Spokesperson, Ravina Shamdasani expressed deep concern, revealing over 3,700 lives lost in Gaza and 1,000 presumed under rubble.

Tragically the conflict has claimed 1,300 lives in Israel and left a million Palestinians, half of them children, displaced.

She urgently called for unobstructed humanitarian aid access, urging all parties to ensure swift relief for affected civilians worldwide.

Shamdasani, speaking on behalf of the UN High Commissioner of  Human Rights (OHCHR), emphasized the need for Israeli forces to refrain from targeting civilians and civilian areas.

OHCHR echoed the UN’s plea for a humanitarian pause, urging aid delivery and minimizing further suffering in Gaza’s civilian population.

While Israeli Forces persist in heavy strikes across Gaza, worsening conditions have forced residents to flee south to north, amidst ongoing bombings. Additionally, indiscriminate rocket fire has raised grave concerns, escalating the crisis further.

The UN Human Rights body emphasizes the urgent release of civilians held by Palestinian fighters, stressing the illegality of hostage-taking under international law.

Expressing deep concern, the organization condemned the escalating human rights crisis in the occupied West Bank, particularly the rise in unlawful use of lethal force.

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Likewise, it is worth noting that, since October 7th, the UN human rights office has documented 69 Palestinian casualties, including 15 children and one woman, in the occupied West Bank by Israeli security forces.

Yesterday alone, 14 Palestinians were reportedly killed, primarily in a drone strike. Additionally, settler violence has surged, resulting in six Palestinian deaths and displacing several communities from their lands.

In the occupied West Bank and Israel, arbitrary arrests of Palestinians and Arab Israelis, including activists and workers formerly employed in Israel, have surged.

Reports indicate mistreatment and a lack of due process, calling for an immediate halt to these actions Amidst the Gaza humanitarian crisis, Palestinians in the West Bank endure 13 days of restricted movement, impeding vital medical access.

UN Human Rights Commissioner Türk emphasizes adherence to international laws, emphasizing the principles of necessity, distinction, proportionality, and precautions during hostilities. Respect for human rights is imperative in this challenging time.