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UN Charter 76th Anniversary


Geneva, 24 October 2021 (TDI): Several countries, and branches joined to celebrate the 76th Anniversary of the UN Charter; on 24 October. The Charter of the organization was born on 24 October 1945.


The Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, released a statement. Guterres spoke about the values of the UN. Those values are peace, development, and also equity of opportunities. Guterres also called upon the Members to unite behind these ideals.

Guterres then stated that the call is for everyone to live up to the full promise, potential; and hope for the UN. The UN entity dedicated to gender equality, and women’s empowerment celebrated it. They then stated that they work for a world where every woman can exercise her human rights.

Guterres then added that the UN was created to be a vehicle of hope for the world. That was the goal for a world that was emerging after World War II. Ville de Geneve decorated the Mont Blanc Bridge with UN, Swiss, and also Geneva flags.


The UN Charter established the purposes, governing structure, and the overall framework of the Organization. UN South Sudan stated that the Anniversary is an occasion to reflect on the organization that has 193 members.

Photo of UN South Sudan for UN Charter celebration day
Photo of UN South Sudan for UN Charter celebration day

That organization was created to preserve peace, and promote prosperity. It is also to celebrate its achievement, and contributions to development, peace, and also security. The UNESCO thanked the UN for the 76 years that it has been functioning.

The UNESCO also acknowledged the different actions of the UN. From empowering women, protecting refugees, providing humanitarian assistance; and also fighting climate change to ensure quality education.

The UNHCR referred to the multiple challenges that the world has. Those challenges are conflicts, hunger, and poverty. The UNHCR then stated that on UN day, and also every day strives for a better world.

The UNOCHA also congratulated the UN. OCHA Ethiopia reminded that Ethiopia needed urgent help, also from the Security Council, to stop the attacks on Tigray.

Melissa Fleming, who is in charge of global communications of the UN, stated that she was proud of working with her colleagues. That they devote their lives to saving lives. The UN Myanmar Resident Coordinator, and also Humanitarian Coordinator, pledged their commitment, on UN day.


The pledge is to serve the people of Myanmar. Then Sweden, Canada, Mexico, the UAE, Egypt, and the US are some of the countries that then wished the UN charter, a happy anniversary. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, also congratulated the organization.


The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken; stated that the UN charter has the potential to draw the world away from violence, and towards peace. Trudeau reaffirmed the commitment of Canada to work with the UN, and also their partners to take action.

Moreover, he mentioned that Canada helped the UN to draft the Chart then, and to solve the crisis of the Suez Channel. Trudeau also then remarked that Canada supports entities of the UN, like WHO and UNICEF.


The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, besides celebrating the 76th Anniversary; celebrated the 75th Anniversary of their UN membership. The Ministry remarked that Sweden has been also a strong partner to the UN. Then mentioned that through finance, and support, dialogue, mediation, and also peace operations.


The UAE then shared the performance of the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra at the 2020 Dubai Expo. Amina Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, that the Dubai Expo also presented a powerful opportunity to unite then. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt spokesperson; also announced that the Ministry lighted up its headquarters to celebrate then UN day.

Expo 2020 dubai symphony for UN day
Expo 2020 Dubai Orchestra for Hymn for UN day

The Orchestra performed a Hymn to the UN. Then the Mexican Foreign Affairs Office also congratulated the UN, then for its 76th Anniversary. The Office explained some data about its structure, and also its most important representatives to the UN as well.

Building of the Egyptian MFA lights up for the UN Charter Anniversary
Building of the Egyptian MFA lights up for the UN Charter Anniversary
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