New York, 18 January 2023 (TDI): World Water Day 2023 is about accelerating change to resolve the water and sanitation crisis. This calls everyone to use it with responsibility.

Human lives need it for everything. People can make a difference by consuming and managing it in a better way.

UN will launch a Water Action Agenda in the upcoming conference. The conference is called as UN 2023 Water Conference.

Currently, people are quite off-track to meeting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: Water and Sanitation. Billions of people don’t have access to safe water and toilets.
In order to accelerate change, all people need to take meaningful actions.

There exists a story about an ancient hummingbird. That tells about how one needs to react to a crisis. Currently, all people need to act meaningfully against the crisis.

The actions people would take no matter how small would help to mitigate the water crisis. Each individual need to make a list of personal commitment to solving this crisis.

Save Water

In order to save water, take shorter showers. Also, don’t let the tap run while brushing your teeth, doing dishes, and preparing food.

Break Taboos

There is a need to talk about the connection between toilets, water, and menstruation. Make menstruation normal.

Make it Equal

There is a need to share it equally between women and men, girls and boys.

Flush Safe

Fix issues related to water leakages and waste pipes, empty full septic tanks, and report dumping of sludge.

Stop Polluting

There is a need to recognize that all need to stop polluting the water with food waste, oils, medicines, and chemicals down toilets or drains.

Eat Local

Encourage people to buy local, seasonal food and look for products made with less water.

Be Curious

Be curious to find out where water for usage comes from. How it is shared and how waste management is done.

Protect Nature

Protect nature by planting a tree. There is a need to adopt natural solutions to store water. Also, mitigating the natural crisis.

Build Pressure

People should use political rights, and raise their voices with their local representatives about budgets for improving water.

Clean Up

People must take part in clean-up drives. In order to save rivers, lakes, and beaches.