Tallinn, 19 July 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, congratulated his Estonian counterpart, Urmas Reinsalu, on retaking the Office and expressed gratitude for the Estonian Foreign Minister’s support.

He said that even though Reinsalu was not part of the Foreign Ministry of Estonia when Russia invaded Ukraine, he did all that he could and actively supported Ukraine during these difficult times.

Furthermore, he said that Ukraine and its people will always remember this support and help.

He concluded his remarks with the hope that Ukraine and Estonia continue to strengthen their relations.

Aside from that, Dmytro Kuleba added that he was looking forward to working with the Estonian Foreign Minister soon.

Reinsalu’s return to the office:

Urmas Reinsalu took charge as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia on Monday. He had previously served as the Foreign Minister of Estonia from 2019 to 2021.

The representative body of Estonia, Riigikogu, approved Kaja Kallas to form a government on 15 July. The new government officially took its seats in the government on Monday.

Consequently, Urmas Reinsalu also took his oath as the New Foreign Minister alongside other Ministers, under the governance of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

Urmas Reinsalu was congratulated on his return to the office by several diplomats from different countries. He said he was glad to be back as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

As the new government took the oath of office on Monday, he announced that Estonia would continue to support Ukraine.

He said supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression was part of Estonia’s security. Consequently, to reinforce regional security, it is necessary to stop such brutalities from harming the region further.