Accra, 23 November 2022 (TDI): The Minister of State for the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom (UK), James Heapppey was in Ghana for a two-day visit.

His visit to the country has been accompanied by a lot of initiatives and events he attended. He was at the Africa-led Accra initiative where he spoke on a lot of issues pertaining to development.

At the conference, James Heappey spoke on the aim of the UK to support Ghana in all forms of security support. He continued to say with a determination to ensure that the relationships between the two forces are maintained.

Address by James Heappey

In his statement he said have was enthused by the progress made since he last visited the region and was looking forward to further close partnerships as the UK is committed to regional security endures.

He further affirmed the fact that both countries will support fighting all forms of violence in the region. Furthermore, the Minister of State for the Armed Forces talked about the great effect violent extremism has on nations.

Stating the fact that violent extremism has affected the UK and hoping to help fight in Ghana. In addition to the above, he encouraged West African leaders on the aim to maintain peace in the region.

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The government and people of the UK will continue to do everything possible to support the West African countries according to Minister of State James Heappey.

He reiterated the UK’s major aim in proving support for sustainability, and Africa-led solutions to address regional instability. Ensuring that the region enjoys all that it needs to move forward will be held as a priority for the UK government.

The security and defense of Ghana have been helpful in the West Africa sub-region. They have continuously provided humanitarian support to other nations in combating security threats and in times of crisis.