London, 5 July 2023 (TDI): The United Kingdom and Poland have solidified their commitment to enhancing foreign policy, security, and defence cooperation.

Following discussions at Lancaster House, both nations’ Foreign and Defence secretaries signed the 2030 Strategic Partnership, marking a new phase in their bilateral relations.

The Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, and Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, held meetings with their Polish counterparts to discuss the mutual areas of interest.

Today, they sealed the partnership by signing the bilateral ‘2030 Partnership’ alongside Poland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Zbigniew Rau, and Minister for National Defence, Mariusz Błaszczak.

This new partnership outlines joint priorities encompassing a wide range of issues, including Belarus, China, defence capability, and operations. It builds upon the solid foundation laid by the 2017 UK-Poland Treaty on Defence and Security Cooperation, which has fostered close cooperation over the past three decades.

A key aspect of the partnership is the commitment of the UK and Poland to stand together in upholding a resilient international system that safeguards freedom, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of defending the rights of countries to trade fairly and determine their own futures.

The partnership will also entail efforts to enhance the armed forces’ capabilities, intensify and increase the frequency of joint training exercises, bolster NATO’s deterrence and defence posture, and adopt a united stance on matters concerning the Indo-Pacific region.

Apart from that, foreign secretary James Cleverly expressed his views, drawing a parallel between the present partnership and the joint efforts of the UK and Poland during World War II to preserve freedom in Europe.

He also highlighted the commitment of both countries to support Ukraine and reiterated their dedication to defence, security, and foreign policy cooperation as outlined in the 2030 Partnership.

During the pre-signing meeting, the ministers engaged in discussions on the close cooperation between the UK and Poland, extending support to Ukraine, and reinforcing the defence and security of the Euro-Atlantic area.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace underscored the historical defence partnership between the UK and Poland as NATO allies. He reiterated the UK’s commitment to stand with Poland in defending NATO’s Eastern Flank and supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression.

The 2030 Strategic Partnership aims to strengthen military deployments, conduct joint exercises, and undertake immediate and long-term capability projects.


The UK and Poland share a longstanding partnership dating back to before the Second World War, which continues to flourish today with hundreds of British troops deployed in Poland.

Recent collaborative efforts have included the deployment of Challenger 2 tanks last year and the ongoing deployment of Sky Sabre air defence systems in Poland.

Additionally, both countries have been collaborating on the development of air defence weapons for the future.

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In April, the Prime Minister of the UK announced a substantial £1.9 billion export agreement with Poland, enabling the rollout of a British air defence system produced by MBDA in the European nation.

This export agreement supports numerous jobs in the UK, aligning with the Prime Minister’s goal of economic growth and further strengthening ties with a key European ally.

The visit of Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, to Downing Street in February also underscored the shared commitment of both countries to support Ukraine and advocate for Sweden’s accession to NATO.

In October, the Defence Secretary and his Polish counterpart signed the Air Defence Complex Weapons Agreement, facilitating cooperation in the development and manufacture of current and future complex weapons. This agreement deepens the interoperability between the armed forces of the UK and Poland.