Abu Dhabi, 9 September 2022 (TDI): President of UAE and the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, extended his Condolences to the Royal family on Thursday on the demise of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022.

Queen Elizabeth the Second was the longest-serving head of the state who reigned for more than seven decades. She died at the age of 96.

In his message of condolences, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan reminisced the past events of close alliance with the Queen and her dignified, compassionate leadership and commitment to her people.

Moreover, the Ambassador of UAE to the United Kingdom, Mansoor Abulhoul, also offered his deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

He also reminisced the great relationship between UAE and the Queen based on mutual respect and warmth.

High-level State visits

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth had made two state visits to the UAE. Queen’s first visit was in 1979.

It was followed by another visit by Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in 2010.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan also paid a state visit to Britain in 1989.

Such meetings proved to be an important cornerstone in UAE-Britain diplomatic relations throughout the years.

Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, the longest serving Monarch was born in Mayfair, London, on 21 April 1926 as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York.

The Queen came to the throne in 1952 following the death of her father King George VI on February 6, 1952.

The “new Elizabethan age” was marked by decolonization and the loss of the Empire.

Her extraordinary reign of seven decades spanned 15 British prime ministers and 14 U.S. presidents.

During her reign, the world witnessed enormous social change. Her long reign saw Britain transformed from a war-weary declining imperial power into a modern multi-cultural state, headed by a strong, dutiful woman, contrary to traditional norms.

When in 1944 she reached military age at 18, Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, one of the wartime women’s units. Known as a traveling Queen, she spent long sections of the following decades traveling the world as her nation’s goodwill ambassador.

On 8 September 2022, after the nation came together to celebrate her platinum jewelry, Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully in Belmore.

Following her demise, Prince Charles III ascends the throne of the United Kingdom and the head of state of 14 other realms including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand at the age of 73.