Islamabad, 30 September 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of UAE to Pakistan, Hamad Obaid Alzaabi, met Sohail Mahmoud, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Friday.

The Ambassador, Hamad Obaid Alzaabi, along with the members of the UAE Embassy thanked the secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sohail Mahmoud for his services to his country. Ambassador Obaid also thanked him for his services to strengthen UAE-Pakistan Relations.

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UAE-Pakistan Relations

Dating back to the UAE’s formation in 1971, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates enjoy good Bilateral relations.

The relations have evolved in wide-ranging co-operation in various fields. The bilateral relations are driven by ideological affinities, coupled with political and economic cooperation. Pakistan was the first country to extend recognition of the United Arab Emirates, while the country continues to be a major donor of economic and financial assistance to Pakistan.

In addition, the UAE is one of the largest trading partners of Pakistan. In 2014, trade between the two stood at $9 billion. The country has lent a $2 billion loan as part of its $ 6.2 billion bailout package announced in August 2018 to help the Government of Pakistan address international debt obligations.

In December 2019, the UAE deposited $3 billion in the State Bank of Pakistan to enhance its liquidity and foreign currency reserves. Moreover, around 1.6 million Pakistani expatriates are working in the UAE and contributing about $4.5 billion annually to the GDP of Pakistan.

In addition, Pakistan offers trained and skilled labour to boost foreign remittance and ensure value-addition to the relations. In the CPEC context, linking Gwadar and Dubai will transform this region into a new global economic hub.

The two partners are closely aligned in regional development, peace, and stability. In the wake of the Taliban takeover and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the UAE ensured Pakistan of its full support for the promotion of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

During the recent devastating rain-induced Floods in Pakistan, UAE has been one of the countries that extended their full support and assistance to the people of Pakistan in these hard times.