Turkmen President
President of Turkmenistan and Chairman of Halk Maslakhaty of Milli Gengesh

Ashgabat, 13 February 2022 (TDI): On 11 February, the first part of the extraordinary meeting between Turkmenistan’s Halk Maslakhaty (People’s Council) and Milli Gengesh (National Council) occurred. The Turkmen President and Chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty of Milli Gengesh Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov chaired the meeting.

Various members of Government, including deputies of Parliament, heads of ministries, political parties, and public organizations participated in the conference. This meeting has been split up into two parts, with this occasion marking the first of those.


It started in the morning, in the form of an extended meeting between the Cabinet of Ministers. During this exchange, the participants summarized drawn conclusions from the Government’s work last year, including development projects.

The Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet delivered extensive reports on the results, as all participants eagerly listened.

Then, the present officials constructed a detailed assessment of the aftermath of the Government’s developmental efforts. This also constituted the steps that they will take in the current year of 2022, towards the socio-economic advancement of Turkmenistan.

Flag of Turkmenistan
Flag of Turkmenistan

President Berdimuhamedov stressed to his onlookers the immense significance of raising the GDP by 6% at the very least. He urged them to work towards increasing income levels and establishing a market economy.

The Turkmenistani President further expressed that the country needed to develop a new Milli Maksatnama (National Program) for the President. Ideally, this should last till 2027. He explained that this would vastly enhance the living standards of people residing in villages, towns, cities, and etraps.

Thus, he concluded, more time and money should be invested into this cause.

Lastly, Berdimuhamedov discussed the competition announced at the beginning of last year. The purpose of the competition was to determine the velayats and etraps which hosted the largest number of socio-economic and cultural activities in the velayats by the end of 2021. He further added that a special team, led by professional unions, would evaluate the winner.

Berdimuhamedov announced the winner of the events. The Hyakimlik of Dyanev etrap of the Lebap velayat won the competition and received a cash prize of one million US dollars.

After the meeting concluded, the participants declared a break, during which a charitable celebration will take place. After this is over, the extraordinary meeting will continue once again.