Ankara, 5 December 2022 (TDI): Turkiye and Vietnam will be holding the 4th round of political consultation today in Ankara, Turkiye as the two seek to address certain issues of great importance.

During the consultation, the issue of bilateral relations will be paramount as both countries seek to promote it. The two have reached out to each other many times on the need to promote bilateral trade among each other.

To ensure that there is an exchange of personnel and partnerships among themselves. Also, the current regional and international issues have been outlined to be tackled during the meeting.

Following the need to promote peaceful coexistence among members of the region, they will seek to look at a way to promote this agenda and this will be one of the issues to be addressed on.

The consultation is said to be presided over by Sedat Onal, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Turkiye, and Pham Quang Hieu, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

These individuals are to ensure that issues related to bilateral relations of these countries are well addressed. They will further talk about more chances for them to relate with each other in terms of economic development.

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Fostering international relations among each other and other countries has been outlined to be discussed also.

The government of Turkiye has continued to engage with many international and multinational cooperation in these years and is set to lead its partner Vietnam in these directions.

Turkiye-Vietnam relations

It is pertinent to note that both countries have enjoyed long-lasting bilateral relations for all these years. They have continued to assist each other in various ways.

In the area of assistance, the Turkiye government has been instrumental in the humanitarian assistance of Vietnam.

In times of the pandemic, both countries reach out to each other and have continued to ensure that their partnership lasts well. The political consultation to be held will be another form of step toward these aims.