Washington DC, 7 January 2023 (TDI): As part of the aim to fight terrorism, Turkiye and US have taken steps to freeze the assets of individuals believed to be sponsoring a terrorist organization, DAESH. 

They froze 5 individuals’ assets and two legal persons believed to have been linked to the terrorist organizations.

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These two individuals are said to have been working closely with the DAESH terrorist organization which seeks to destroy. The actions are intended to bring down their power to be able to sponsor these groups.

The US State Department Spokesperson, Ned Prince said in a separate statement that the two countries have disrupted the DAESH group’s ability to finance its operation by designating four individuals and two entities of the DAESH financial facilitation network.

He further assured that they will have to ensure that the region will be protected accordingly. Terrorists have been a core problem for these two countries.

The President of Turkiye, Recep Tayyip has several times emphasized that his government will stand on its feet to ensure the defeat of any terrorist organization in the region.

It is worth noticing that, the US has been fighting terrorist activities for several years now.  After the September 11 attack, there has been high surveillance on the alert for terrorist activities in the country and within.

They have been working closely with partner countries and allies to ensure that these global challenges are eradicated.

Speaking on the issue, Ned Price said, the US will forever not tolerate any form of attacks that will take away the peace and development of the nation.

The US-designated members of the network are under counter-terrorism authorities that target terrorist groups and their supporters. This has just been carried out by the joint action of the  US and Turkiye as they have to freeze those individuals’ assets.