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Turkish Gaza aid flotillas faces delays due to Israeli tactics


Ankara, 27 April 2024 (TDI): The departure of Gaza aid from Turkiye was delayed to departure on Friday due to Israel’s tactics.  A convoy of flotillas scheduled to sail for the Gaza Strip to deliver aid to Palestinians has been stuck in Turkiye due to administrative roadblocks.

“We received word of an administrative roadblock initiated by Israel in an attempt to prevent our departure,” a statement from the FFC said on Thursday.

The Gaza aid flotilla, organized by a coalition of international humanitarian organizations, aims to provide much-needed relief to the residents of the Gaza Strip, who continue to face dire living conditions exacerbated by political unrest and economic instability.

The Gaza aid from Turkiye was delayed consisting of three ships, to deliver over 5,000 tones of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and was scheduled to depart from Istanbul on Friday.

However, Israeli authorities have requested additional inspections, leading to a delay in its departure by several days. Additionally, the coalition of activists organizing the aid flotilla reported that Israel has urged the Republic of Guinea-Bissau to retract its flag from the Akdeniz, a passenger vessel included in the flotilla.

Ann Wright, a retired US Army colonel State Department official, and one of the organizers of the Flotilla, said the ship had passed all inspections in Turkey and was ready to set sail.

Ms. Arraf, a Palestinian-American human rights lawyer, expected the flotilla would still be able to sail.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry declined to comment. “Unfortunately the Freedom Flotilla has been delayed for another 48 hours at least. It’s a setback, but not surprising given the nature of our trip,” John Hurson, an activist planning to join the flotilla.

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Twice, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has mandated unimpeded access for aid to Gaza as interim measures to prevent the alleged crime of genocide, as Israel faces accusations in a case initiated by South Africa.

The convoy, including boats from over 40 countries and led by hundreds of volunteers from locations ranging from Hawaii to Malaysia, aims to break Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip, where thousands face hunger and disease after nearly seven months of war.

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