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Trade diplomacy- 300 tons of dried Pakistani chili to arrive in China


Lahore: July 15, 2021 – (TDI): This year in August, Pakistan’s iron brother China is all set to import 300 tons of dried chili from the pilot chili project in Lahore.

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On Wednesday General Manager of Pakistan Subsidiary, China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), Wu Guang made the statement that China will import 300 tons of dried packed chili from preliminary chili farms in Lahore.

Wu Guang mentioned that since 2020 it is the first time when Pakistani chili will enter China. The pilot chili farm is a cooperation between Pakistani farmers and Chinese companies.

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Earlier in June, the experimental project began to bear fruit, with yields of about three times more than the Pakistani types, as part of the partnership of Pakistani farmers and their Chinese partners, CMEC and the Sichuan Litong Food Group, informed chairman CPEC Asim Bajwa.

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The CFP (chili farming project) initiative began with the joint efforts of the Embassy of China to Pakistan, the Ministry of National Food Safety and Research, the Economic Corridor Authority of China-Pakistan, the Chinese-Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation, agriculture-based companies, and farmers from both countries.

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