Geneva, 23 October 2021 (TDI): The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) hailed Pakistan for supporting it as one of the core resource partners over the past year.

The State of Pakistan is putting serious efforts towards disarmament. Earlier the Ambassador khalil Hashmi Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva stated during the First Committee of UNGA that global arms control order is in a state of demise and that an alternate arms control order is required. The one on which relies the security of all the states.

Ambassador Khalil Hashmi, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva

Ambassador Khalil Hashmi brought into realization that the situation pertaining to international security is gruesome and the existing arms control order needs to revamped because of the growing asymmetries in the political, strategic, nuclear, and military areas. He also added that the trade of these weapons has reached unprecedented levels. He marked this development as a “worrying trend”.

The arms race of conventional weapons is one of the looming threats to the South Asia. It is also contributing to eroding the strategic stability in South Asia.

Pakistan’s envoy also alluded that preservation of the sanctity of the Chemical Weapons Convention is of utmost importance. Pertaining to the outer space, the Pakistani envoy highlighted a potential threat to regional and global sustainability due to the presence of anti-satellite capabilities.

Such security risks carry a threat for all of humanity and can seriously hamper international humanitarian law. These risks serve as a threat to regional and international peace. Effective Initiatives of nuclear disarmament, conventional arms control and strengthening of the non-proliferation regime can add in to assurances and make the world a better place to live. Ambassador Khalil Hashmi underscored that International arms control order needs to be evolved by:

  • addressing concerns of states,
  • fulfilling disarmament obligations,
  • advancing conventional arms control,
  • concluding binding instruments, and
  • ensuring new technologies do not undermine strategic stability.

“UNIDIR is a voluntarily funded, autonomous institute within the United Nations. One of the few policy institutes worldwide focusing on disarmament, UNIDIR generates knowledge and promotes dialogue and action on disarmament and security. Based in Geneva, UNIDIR assists the international community to develop the practical, innovative ideas needed to find solutions to critical security problems.” For more information click here.