Thailand's PM

Bangkok, 28 October 2021 (TDI): Thailand’s Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha participated in 38th and 39th ASEAN Summits and Related Meetings on 26 – 28 October 2021.

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand attended the ASEAN summits through teleconference system.

38th ASEAN Summits

While addressing the 38th ASEAN Summits, Thailand proposed cooperation in three sectors.

Thai Premier stressed on the enhanced cooperation in health sector helping the states to tackle the Covid-19 Pandemic and pushing entrepreneurs to through providing opportunities in recovering from the Pandemic halt.

The country also emphasized over the promotion of global-friendly economic growth in accordance with the Thai BCG economic model and ASEAN Green Agenda.


Through 39th ASEAN Summits, Thailand’s Prime Minister emphasized the unity and centrality of organization.

Thailand also stressed over finding new ways to interact with China and the United States. Thai Premier through this platform wished peace and stability in Myanmar.

The meetings under this also discussed the critical situations in South China Sea and the Australian Tripartite Partnership in Security. UK and US (AUKUS).

The summits in 2021 were conducted under Brunei’s ASEAN Chairmanship principle, “We care, we are prepared. We prosper”.

Thailand’s Prime Minister also attended multiple Summit related meetings in two days, including ASEAN-Australia Summits and East Asia Summits.