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Telephonic talks between Chinese Foreign Minister and French Diplomatic Advisor


Beijing/Paris, 3 September 2021 (TDI): The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke with the Diplomatic Counselor to French President Emmanuel Bonne on the Phone. They collectively conversed on the Afghan issue and other global plus regional political conundrums. Both sides called for deepening the bilateral ties as it is in the strategic interest of both countries.

Wang Yi noted that China-French relations are nourishing under the exceptional leaders of both countries. He also highlighted that the European Union and China are partners. While rejecting the politicization of the pandemic, the Foreign Minister was of the view that the intelligence agencies investigating the origins of Covid-19 should be replaced by a scientific approach. Wang also shared his observation with Emmanuel in form of lessons learned from the situation in Afghanistan.

The counselor on behalf of his country, second the Chinese viewpoint on impartial and scientific probing of the origins of Covid-19. Emmanuel praised China’s efforts in providing a large number of vaccines to the international community. He further urged to resume the bilateral cooperation and cement relations between Beijing and Paris.

The President’s diplomatic advisor of Paris further noted that they must carry out cooperation in the African region. He also believed that China and France are on the same wavelength on the Afghan predicament. Lastly, both sides agreed to work, in unison, to promote peace and stability of the region under the UN framework.

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