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Pakistan has Greatest Stake in Peace of Afghanistan, says Asad M. Khan


Washington, 03 September 2021 (TDI): Pakistani Ambassador to USA Asad Majeed Khan expressed his views in a Washington Times saying that the best approach for counter-terrorism in Afghanistan is an inclusive government that represents all factions in Afghanistan.

Highlighting Pakistan’s efforts for peace and security in Afghanistan, Ambassador Khan stated in his article that Pakistan is the greatest stakeholder in Afghanistan’s peace as Pakistan has suffered the most due to the blowback from conflicts in Afghanistan for the last 40 years. Also, Ambassador Khan outlined Pakistan’s endeavors for an inclusive government in Afghanistan since April (when the US announced its withdrawal) where the first series of efforts were in vain. These reconciliation efforts were between the Taliban and Ghani’s government in Kabul that resulted in the Kabul government maligning Pakistan on social media.

 Ambassador Khan said that an inclusive Afghan government that represents all the groups in Afghanistan is a reliable security guarantee for an international community whereas a by force-imposed government would be counter-productive for the security of the region. Therefore, Pakistan is supporting efforts and had brought together various groups even the former members of the Northern Alliance to reach an agreement over the future of their country.
Finally, Ambassador Khan highlighted Pakistan’s aid in evacuation from Kabul airport for foreign officials, which is now complete, and stated that the doors of Pakistan are open for people of Afghanistan and foreigners in need of help particularly Americans.

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