Kathmandu, 23 December 2022 (TDI): The Newly appointed Non-Residential Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to Nepal, Anisa K. Mbega met with the Foreign Minister, Narayan Khadka as they discussed matters of bilateral relations.

The meeting which took place at the office of the Foreign Minister encompassed several issues that were of great importance to both parties.

The Foreign Minister in his opening speech welcomed his guest and as well congratulated her on their new appointment as the Ambassador to Nepal. The issues of bilateral relations, trade terms, and diplomatic and cultural exchanges were discussed.

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The aim to strengthen the bilateral relations between these two countries was a major concern for them during the discussion. They constantly talked about ways to ensure that their bilateral relations will become stronger as they forge ahead.

Ambassador Anisa K. Mbega expressed her joy at the new development being established between her country Tanzania and Nepal.

She again added that her duty as the Ambassador will be more focused on ensuring that she achieves all the objectives set by the government to ensure that Nepal and Tanzania have peaceful and good relations.

In response, the Foreign Minister ensures of the needed support will be provided to ensure that she carries out her duties appropriately.

Indicating that, Nepal has always stood by Tanzania in all cases and their relations will forever stand out among the rest in the international community.

In trade relations, both leaders agreed on the need for their countries to increase the yearly exports they have been exchanging. It is estimated that, in 2019, Tanzania exported $ 1.3 million to Nepal.

The revenue generated from these exports is those they continue to use for developmental works in their regions.

The meeting ended on a good note as both parties agreed to work strongly together for the betterment of their diplomatic and bilateral relations.