Kinshasa, 25 February 2022 (TDI): Seven African Chiefs of state met in Kinshasa to discuss a 2013 Peace Accord aimed at restoring peace in the DRC’s (Democratic Republic of Congo) violence-plagued east and the Great Lakes area.

The Peace, Security, and Cooperation Framework intend to support regional stabilization initiatives. During the Congo Wars, which engulfed the armies of nations as far as from east and central Africa, Nambia to south, and Chad to the north, millions of people perished as a result of bloodshed, illness, and malnutrition in 1996-7 and 1998-2003.

Although, the main purpose behind the conflict has not been materialized, namely debility of the Congolese Nation and the territorial drawing out of neighboring countries’ civil wars and insurgencies.

The Presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Uganda, Angola, the Republic of Congo, Burundi, as well as the Central African Republic met in Kinshasa, the 10th in the series, according to a diplomat.

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At the Kinshasa conference, President Museveni takes over the Chairmanship of the Peace, Security, and Cooperation Mechanism for the area to Felix Tshisekedi, president of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The meeting was anticipated to voice worry over armed groups that remain active in the region receiving logistical and other support.

It will “take notice” of combined DRC-Ugandan operations against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), according to the ambassador.

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Following a series of atrocities in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and bomb assaults in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, the historic operation was begun in the border area late last November.

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After a lengthy period of hostility, the summit would also laud improving ties between Rwanda and Uganda, as well as Rwanda and Burundi.

Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Zambia were among the 11 nations that signed the 2013 agreement. In the future, Burundi will host the following summit in 2023.