BET Events

The Diplomatic Insight Team and Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, in collaboration with many  Diplomatic Missions regularly host Business, Education, and Tourism (BET) Seminars.

The aim of BET is to promote knowledge and understanding apart from stimulating dialogue and actions in the business, education, and tourism sectors between Pakistan and countries from across the globe.

These Webinars/Seminars are offering wider publicity to inspire more collaboration amongst both nations and nationals, especially in areas of business, education, and tourism, and other important sectors.

“Business, Education and Tourism (BET)” Country-wise series of Networking Seminars and  Meetings of Stakeholders for enhancing partnerships and Joint Ventures hence improving the Trade, Tourism, Travel, and Education connections between Pakistani relevant communities and partners.

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Events

This also includes Book Launches and Press and Media Promotions over the years since its inception.

IPDS and TDI, through BET, support the conversation and information session between Pakistan missions abroad and foreign missions to build stronger linkages amongst the communities through regular information sharing.

These BET series engagements are the public diplomacy initiatives of The Diplomatic Insight.

Public diplomacy is also called People’s diplomacy. Various government-sponsored efforts to reach out to the foreign public and share information about one’s country include public diplomacy efforts.

Public Diplomacy has remained an important part of the government’s efforts to reach out to convince the targetted sectors of the foreign opinion to support governments/states’ objectives in any foreign country.

Public Diplomacy begins with an understanding of feeling a sense of pride over a country’s heritage, culture, cuisine, and soft power.

In recent years, we have observed a transformation of diplomacy, especially with the rise of the digital age.

The Diplomatic Insight and Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies is taking center stage in Pakistan with exceptional public diplomacy initiatives.

Public diplomacy also involves marketing, and public relations, such as branding a country and incorporating the ideas of soft power was coined by Joseph Nye.

Nye defines soft power as “the ability to get what you want through attraction rather than coercion or payments.”

In other words, soft power is the degree to which a political actor’s cultural assets, political ideals, and policies inspire respect or affinity on the part of others.

If your mission is interested in hosting such an event or using a digital medium online event, then you can email us at with your requirements.