Moscow, 21 December 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov yesterday, gave his remarks at the general meeting of the Commission of the Russian Federation for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The Foreign Minister of Russia outlined certain basic facts concerning the organization. Having given the opening remarks with much appreciation for the attendance of colleagues and other stakeholders proceeded.

He added that the year under review has been and remains difficult, including international cooperation with UNESCO, looking at the core mandates of the organization which is education, science, culture, sports, and communication.

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Lavrov further added that the West’s position on Russia has not been good as expected. They have continued to put several restrictions on them.
Along these lines, he said, “We are seriously concerned over the position taken by the UNESCO Secretariat that began to obediently follow all Western instructions in violation of the principle of impartiality.”  

In line with this, he stated that all the applications for the chair by Russia were rejected. He lamented these issues which have been a major cause of setbacks for the people of Russia and its government.

In all these challenges that have been brought on Russia due to the sanctions, he said they remain resolute in their plans in promoting national development and bilateral relations.

Furthermore, in appreciation, he thanked the Minister of Culture, Olga Lyubimova for attending the event and for the contribution he has played so far in the development of the organization.

It is pertinent to note that preparations are underway for the awards ceremonies of the UNESCO-Russia International Mendeleev Prize for next year.

It seeks to ensure that personalities and organizations which have played a greater role in the cause of the agenda to promote the aims and vision of the organization are lifted higher.

It is also noteworthy that Russia has been a member of UNESCO for all these years. They have contributed greatly to ensure they achieve the aims of UNESCO in the region.