Washington, 6 November 2023 (TDI): United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken scheduled an important meeting on Monday for the situation in Gaza with Turkiye’s Foreign Minister.

The discussion was part of Secretary Blinken’s efforts to reduce regional tension in the Middle East amid the Israel-Palestine war.

Blinken, who planned a tour for the Middle East, landed in Ankara on Sunday evening and conducted talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Turkiye.

“I arrived in Turkey last night at a critical moment for regional stability and security. Today, I am scheduled to hold meetings with government officials, as we work towards averting the escalation of the Gaza conflict and enhancing the delivery of humanitarian aid” Blinken added.

Additionally, both sides have discussed the happenings going on over Gaza. This meeting lasted two and a half hours, a US State Department official said.

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Furthermore, Israel’s bombardment on Gaza is the most serious source of concern for the world, particularly for Middle Eastern countries.

In this regard, Washington started a chain of diplomatic efforts in order to prevent a wider regional conflict.

Moreover, Blinken also issued a statement at the airport that the US is willing to provide humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

Even before Israel initiated an intense bombing campaign and an expanding ground operation aimed at eliminating Hamas, Blinken’s discussions with Fidan would have been beset with challenges.

Secretary Blinken expressed his talks in Ankara, as “very good, lengthy, and productive.”