Washington DC, 19 April 2023 (TDI): Today marks the 40th anniversary of the tragic Embassy Beirut bombing, which claimed the lives of 63 people, including 17 Americans.

On this solemn occasion, Secretary of the United States (US), Antony Blinken honors the memory of those who lost their lives and expresses solidarity with their families and loved ones.

He also reaffirms the US commitment to combatting terrorism and assisting the Lebanese people.

For the record, the Embassy Beirut bombing was a terrorist attack carried out on April 18, 1983, by Hezbollah militants against the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

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In a statement released, Secretary Blinken said, “The Embassy Beirut bombing was a senseless act of violence that targeted innocent civilians and shattered countless lives.”

“We remember and honor the victims of this horrific attack, including our friends and colleagues who dedicated their lives to serving the American people.”

Secretary Blinken emphasized that the US government will continue to work with its partners in the region to counter the threat of terrorism and promote stability and prosperity in Lebanon.

He said, “The US stands with the people of Lebanon in their pursuit of a stable, democratic, and prosperous future. We remain committed to providing humanitarian assistance, supporting economic reform, and advancing democracy and human rights.”

Apart from that, the Secretary also expressed his appreciation for the strong partnership between the US and Lebanon, noting that the two countries share a long history of friendship and cooperation.

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Moreover, Secretary Blinken called on all nations to join the US in the fight against terrorism and extremism. He said, “We must all work together to confront the scourge of terrorism and prevent further attacks on innocent civilians.”

“The US remains committed to working with our partners around the world to promote peace and security, and to build a more just and peaceful world.”

In a nutshell, Secretary Blinken’s statement on the 40th anniversary of the Embassy Beirut bombing reaffirms the US government’s commitment to fighting terrorism and promoting stability in the Middle East.

Thus, the US stands with the people of Lebanon in their quest for a better future, and remains a strong partner in the region.